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Coordinator: Theresa Walker 

The Book of Genesis

10 session study begins February 26 (weather permitting). It will extend through the season of Lent and conclude after Easter. We generally meet in the Annex.

Bible Study beginners are always welcome. Registration form below, or by contacting the rectory or the Faith Formation Office. Please indicate the session you prefer. Cost of the materials is $15.00, payable in advance either with your registration, at the rectory, in a separate envelope marked Bible Study in the Sunday collection, or at the first session.



Contact phone # or email ___________________

Please order my study guide and Bible commentary for Genesis, at a cost of $15.00.

I am enclosing $15.00: now____ 

I plan to attend (please circle choice)

Wed. 7-8:30 PM              Sat. 10- 11:30 AM


Making Time for Scripture Study in Your Busy Life

Daily Personal Study
Spend about 20 minutes a day prayerfully reading and reflecting on a section of Scripture. Questions in the Study Guide direct the reflection, while the commentary provides solid Catholic scholarship that leads to deeper understanding.

Weekly Small-Group Sharing
Gather weekly in groups of eight to twelve to pray and to share your responses to the study questions. Trained small-group facilitators encourage the sharing of personal thoughts and experiences in an atmosphere of openness and trust.

Wrap-Up Lecture
Listen to a brief lecture that follows the small-group discussion. The lectures develop and clarify the themes of the lesson and may be delivered by local speakers or by using audio- or video-taped resources.

Prayer is the most essential of the elements. In addition to daily personal prayer, learn to use Conversational Prayer, a simple, effective method of prayer used in the small group. A source of unity, support, and guidance, prayer is the key to the success of your Bible study.

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